Green Pepper Production

how to grow green pepper

When planting it lossen the soil deeply and mix in fertilizer manure or compost thoroughly and evenly using a rake

For best results add a dressing of 2.3.2 organic fertilizer to every 1m2

Draw the ridges and furrows at least 1m( interow spacing) apart
Plant the seedling at least 40cm inrow( spacing)apart along the ridges
Stakes will keep the plant upright.

Always water the roots , never the pepper, you can do this by using flood or drip irrigation. If the pepper get wet they will rot.

Fertilise regularly with chicken manure
When pepper start flowering apply every 4 week with a balanced organic fertiliser.
Too much nitrogen causes the leaves to grow instead of pepper fruit to grow.

Weed regularly, coz weed compete for nutrient with the crop, leaading it to retard growth

Green pepper are pest and disease free crop, but fruitfly can be a problem

Aphids is another pest , it causes the leaves to become wrinkled and disorted.
You have to spray soap water to destroy aphids.

Green pepper will start bearing fruit about 11 weeks after transplanting
Pick fruit as soon as its big enough by cutting it off with a sharp knife.

Dont leave fruit on plant for a longtime , this will disturb flower production

Pepper will produce fruits for many months and they will winter.

Below are pictures of green pepper value addition


Store in a refrigerator crisper draw
In the fridge raw pepper will last for 1 to 2 weeks
Cooked bell will.last for 3 to 5 days only.

Another way of storing
Remove the stems, seeds and membranes ,cut them , then spread on atray not close to each other
Place in a refridgerator and freeze them.

3 way
Pack slices of pepper into a mason jar, along with some garlic and fresh herbs then cover with olive oil

Refridgerate upto few weeks and use in any recipe which need green pepper.

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