Facilitate NCPB to avoid food crisis

  The National Cereals and produce Board is the largest organization funded by the government of Kenya through the ministry of agriculture to ensure a sufficient supply of food in the country. Maize is one most the most consumed products in the country and luck of the commodity or increaseContinue Reading

pitch agrihack

AGRF and Heifer International launch Pitch AgriHack 2021 Pitch AgriHack 2021 is sponsored by global development organization Heifer International. The competition will identify and amplify efforts by young innovators to build resilience beyond COVID-19 through digital agriculture products and services. These innovations should be scalable and generate measurable impact in Africa’sContinue Reading

How to set up tire kitchen garden

Mkulima today the largest farming organization in Kenya the ministry of agriculture has changed tune on how to support farmers. The ministry through the leadership of CAS Annie Nyaga has launched a 1 million kitchen garden project. How to set up a tire kitchen garden Under the new leadership, theContinue Reading

  Synnefa is an agtech (agriculture technology) startup based in Nairobi building an online farm management system integrated with io sensors enabling farmers to improve their farm productivity while reducing risks. About This Opportunity: Look, getting out of school into the job market can be challenging. Synnefa wants to makeContinue Reading

Vihiga to intensify irrigation to boost food production The Vihiga county government has stepped up efforts to move away from rain fed agriculture following plans to introduce irrigation farming to enable all-season crop cultivation to boost food security. The move follows an un predictable and unreliable rainfall pattern in recentContinue Reading

  Artificial insemination techniques The technique of inseminating a cow is a skill requiring adequate knowledge, experience and patience. Improper Al techniques can negate all other efforts to obtain conception. Read more How to time artificial insemination, AI for your cows Read this before starting a dairy farm 7 cowContinue Reading

  VETERINARY SURGEONS AND VETERINARY PARAPROFESSIONALS INTERNSHIP VACANCIES The Directorate of Veterinary Services, State Department for Livestock in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Coop eratives announces internship vacances for veterinary surgeons and veterinary paraprofessionals who graduated in the year 2021. More opportunities Job vacancy Global Agroforestry Partnerships LeadContinue Reading

Internship/ Attachment – (3 Positions Based in Siaya) Kaleo Smart Farm Farming & Agriculture Rest of Kenya | Internship & Graduate Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry Read more Job vacancy one acre fund government relations specialist Job vacancy Farm management assistant Vacancy for an agronomist Job Summary We need three YouthsContinue Reading

New banana variety to keep pests at bay by KALRO

BANANA FARMING Banana originated from southeast of Asia BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF BANANA It is a herbaceous plant non-woody The fruit develops through parthenocarpy The roots arise from underground rhizobium ECOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTS Altitude 0-1800 m A.S.L Temperature 20⁰c-30⁰c Bananas are very sensitive to low temperatura Soils – the soils should beContinue Reading

  In line with enhancing career progression of staff and to support business growth, we seek to recruit a qualified, experienced, self-driven, highly motivated and passionate candidate to fill the following position in Food & Agriculture Sector. FOOD & AGRICULTURE SPECIALIST Job Purpose: .Reporting to the Agriculture Sector Leader andContinue Reading