Grape Cultivation Guide Introduction of Grape Cultivation Mkulima, today grapes are one of the very popular crops in the world and one of the most loved fruits here is a tip on starting out in grape farming guide. story by mkulimatoday. Grapes belong to the family of “Vitaceae” and originatedContinue Reading

10 health benefits of eating chicken

High in protein: 10 health benefits of eating chicken. If you’re looking for a great source of lean low-fat protein… CHICKEN. Protein in chicken lends itself to muscle growth and development and helps support a healthy body and in weight loss. Natural antidepressant: Chicken, like it’s brother fowl the turkey,Continue Reading

car pass for the curfew

FRESH PRODUCE CAR PASS: Mkulima today with the ever-changing requirements to do business a curfew pass is a must-have to get your product to market during these extraordinary times. The fresh produce industry is allowed to move fresh produce from farmers around the country and the world. Get your carContinue Reading

Power of numbers in poultry farming

The power of numbers in poultry farming by mkulimatoday Commercial poultry keeping is in no doubt becoming more popular in Kenya. Specifically, Kenyan poultry farmers mainly keep layers or broilers. Just like other types of business, the goal of commercial poultry keeping is earning some profit by raising healthy chickens.Continue Reading