Today several individuals both young and old are either considering agriculture as a side hustle or their main source of income. Here is an introduction to watermelon farming

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Introduction to watermelon farming Soil & Climate Requirements

1. Grow well in well-drained soils.

2. Very sensitive to water-logging.

3. Optimum pH is 5.5-6.5

4. Summer season is best.

Seed rate

1. 3-5 kg/ha


1. Furrow method: 2.5-3 m inter-row 2.5-3 m in-row.

2. Beds: 1.2 m wide with furrows 0.50-0.60 m, plants spaced 2.5-3 m.

3. Early production seeds can be sown in July-August.

Fertilizer Requirements

NB: Fertilizer recommendations should be based on soil analysis results.

1. Basal dress with Compound D 350/ 600 kg/ha ; Compound C 250 – 600 kg/ha or Vegetable blend 300 – 400kg/ha.

2. Top dressing with AN 70- 100 kg/ha or Calcium Nitrate 25-45 kg/ha after the first fruit setting and another 3 weeks later.

A few Pesticides options

1. Lambda
2. Malathion 25 %
3. Chlopyrifos
4. Dichlorvos
5. Belt
6. Actara
7. Chess
8. Dynamec
9. Trigard
10. Karate zeon
11. Ampligo
12. Thunder
13. Dimethoate
14. Tide
15. Super dash
16. Nemesis
17. Power pesti
18. Carbaryl
19. Diazinon

A few Fungicide options

1. Mancozeb / Dithane M 45
2. Copper oxychloride
3. Shavit
4. Amistar top 325 SC
5. Apron star 42WS
6. Folio Gold
7. Bravo 720 SC
8. Ridomil Gold

NB: Always Use an Agriwetter/ sticker to improve the rain fastness of crop protection products.


1. Determining the maturity of watermelons can be difficult.

2. Harvest with the stalk attached, when the green color starts to turn yellow.

3. Mature watermelons give a dull sound when tapped whereas immature ones give a metallic sound.

4. Others use the stalk that attaches the fruit; when it starts to dry the fruit can be picked

Expected Yield

🍉. 9-11 tons/ha Market


🍉. Local markets as fresh produce

All pre and post-emergence herbicides, as well as Crop protection chemicals/pesticides, are available at any of the Farm & City Centre branches throughout the nation.
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Compiled by Agronomist
Takura Maredza

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