Mkulima today the ministry of health and the ministry of education are the leading bodies in advocating for a healthy lifestyle and information. They together agree that eating carrots are healthy and beneficial to eyesight. Today we cover carrot farming using muriate of potash.

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Today we answer a question from a farmer that says. I would like to ask if muriate of potash is good for carrots and whether it would be in order to dilute it in water before spraying it to the crops.

carrot farming answers

A good supply of NPK is necessary for rapid and continuous growth. Potassium is required in the form of additional surface dressing when plants are well established.

This is because plants have a high demand for this element.

Muriate of potash will supply potassium and can only be applied when planting and not as a top dresser as the plant grows.

It is a soil-applied fertilizer and so you cannot mix it with water and apply it as a foliar fertilizer.

In addition, this fertilizer is moderately soluble in water. As a farmer, you should take notice that high soil temperatures encourage the production of carrots with short roots.

Temperatures above 25 degrees C will lead to the formation of pale yellow carrots with strong flavor and coarse texture on the skin of the vegetable.

You can also apply well rotten farmyard manure before planting the carrots or to a crop planted before the carrots.

Remember applying manure that is not well rotten and ready for farm use will lead to the branching of the carrots.

Lack of water will also lead to the branching of your carrot roots as they look for water.

Provide all the plants need in order to result in high-quality products and production.

Credits NMG / Carol Mutua

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