Dairy Swiss

Also called braunvish it was bred in the hills and valleys of Switzerland.it developed over a long period of time and brought about by the selection of the brown Swiss which was reared for milk, meat, and draft.

It produces an average of 18-20 liters per day while the brown Swiss produces 10-15 liters per day.

Dairy Swiss performs well in tropical weather conditions that are experienced in most parts of  Africa provided they are well taken care of.

Their skin color varies from fawn to brown. Spotting can often be seen but undesirable.

It gives off calves that have light skin but darken with age.

Brown Swiss are heavily rugged and muscled and clearly luck on the refinement of a dairy animal.

Red Poll

Commonly found in Norfolk and Suffolk in the United Kingdom this breed luck horns and are deep red in color.

It is characterized by a long head, short limbs with a heavy body. The live weight can be up to 556 kilograms and produces a daily average of 19 liters.


This breed is indigenous to Austria. It first got its way to Southern Africa as early as the 1900s.

Its difficult rearing in harsh conditions has made it adopt not only into a good farm work animal with the ability to walk but also a high producer even in tough conditions.

It produces an average of 15-18 liters per day. Their color varies from light red to very dark chestnut brown with white stretches along the top and bottom of the brisket.

Dairy simmentailer

It produces an average of 10-17 liters daily under good management. It is a hardy animal and performs well under African climatic conditions.

The color is either yellow and white or red and white.

It has a refined dairy conformation, unlike the beef Simmental that has more muscle and rectangular in conformation.

It has a well-developed udder and is triangular in shape.

South Devon

This is one of the best dual-purpose animals with a live weight of 713 kilograms.

It has the ability to produce between 10-15 liters per day.

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