Mkulima today sharing information is the key ingredient in global growth. With this in mind, there are several farming groups like the Africa farmers club that aims to share information and boost agribusiness.Why join the Africa farmers club – AFarmers media.

In this data age knowledge, sharing is key. Well, it is not the end of the information age but clearly, it is on a free fall and having the right information is no longer enough.

With this in mind what matters in the data age is what you do with what you learned from the information age or the information you have.

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Why join the Africa farmers club – AFarmers media. This is a membership club for farmers in Africa. You are invited to join and share your knowledge and learn with other farmers on the continent.

With the growing uptake of agriculture on the continent, the future can only be brighter.

Get your boosts and join in and share with fellow farmers.

To be a  member click here to register.


Afarmers or Africa farmers club (AFFAC) was founded by Mr. Noah Kadima Nasiali in 2017 who is the founder & CEO of the entity.

Noah has a wealth of experience in the agriculture field spanning decades.

He is a farmer, trainer, and mentor. His passion for agriculture and the desire to see the success of farmers in Africa is unmatched.

With more people like Noah Nasiali, Caleb Karuga ,  Rogers Kirwa among others together we will make agriculute in kneya grow to its former glory.

For decades agriculture and tea exporters were the leading earners for foreign exchange and the country’s GDP.

This is no longer the case with farmers farming a lot of challenges like the collapse of institutions, poor infrastructure among others.

AFFAC started in 2017 as a Facebook page. The Facebook page created with an aim to bring together farmers and share ideas and solutions.

Africa farmers club

Africa farmers club is one of the fastest-growing places for like minded farmers to come together and boost productivity.

Africa farmers club or afarmers vision is telling the Story of the African Farmers.

AFarmers is the home of Africa Farmers Club which is a community of farmers across Africa.

Africa farmers club is the home of afarmers a media entity that aims to share farming information with you the farmer.

Core values


To bring the African Farmers together to amplify the voice of the farmer. Highlighted by our works, mission, and vision, AFFAC is a gem to dig for.


To grow the farmer’s knowledge on the production journey and to equip the farmer with the ability to plan towards profitability.


To transform African farmers from producers to Agri-Preneurs by use of practical training methods and technology.

The philosophy at the club is that an informed farmer will always make the right decision and return have a ripple effect.

Tethered on the firm belief that an informed farmer will always make the right decision which has a ripple effect in the whole value chain, the community aims to plan and support initiatives that promote farmer entrepreneurship skills through knowledge growth.

The club currently has membership, across 18 African countries.

Membership comprises of individuals drawn from different spheres of life

  • private sector,
  • public sector and
  • farmer-based institutions.

All members are brought together through online platform activities, as well as our offline farmer-focused activities.

AFarmers promotes knowledge sharing amongst the value chain players for the benefit of all, but most importantly, the farmer.


Afarmers has several projects that are meant to boost the productivity of the African farmer.

  • AFarmers media
  • Events
  • AFFAC magazine
  • Farm training
  • Agroinput discounts

Afarmers media /AFFAC Tv

AFFAC tv is one of the fastest-growing media channels in the country

One of the leading projects currently running is AFFAC Tv. This is an online multimedia platform that aims to share farmers’ stories.

They come to your location and share the learnings from your venture.

AFFAC magazine

It’s a farmers magazine aimed to share the success and challenges in farming through Africa.

Farm training

AFFAC offers training to farmers all over the continent

Agro discounts

This is a project where AFFAC offers discounted prices for farm inputs


Visit AFFAC or AFarmers social platforms to get insights into the upcoming events you can attend and learn as a farmer.

AFFAC is not only an online platform that brings farmers together but also has special AWARDS for its members.

The awards are conducted annually seeking to recognize efforts and motivate farmers to do more.

The awards are divided into several categories.

  • Best Female Farmer
  • Best Male Farmer
  • Best Agronomic Support

This is to enhance the idea of diversity and inclusivity.

To make sure that no farmer is left behind.

AFFAC also holds marathons for farmers across the country.

These Marathons bring together farmers to share their stories and showcase their prowess in different areas of agriculture.

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