Why you should join the one acre
From the time of our fore fathers farming has been a communal thing and done in groups, its no different in this time and age.

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If this is not an incentive enough to farm in groups and farm together then join farm groups that are established and share ideas.
One acre fund is among the several farming groups or organizations that are currently active, within our boarders.
Did you know that one acre fund actively supports 1.4 million small holder farmers?
Mind blowing right.
You can easily be part of this growing network of farmers.

One acre fund support

One acre fund helps small holder farmers build their climate resilience at this day and time when we are experiencing sever climate change and unpredictable weather patterns.
The organization helps farmers build climate resilience, while ate the same time helping them reduce their already minimal impact to the environment.
From providing optional seed varieties appropriate for different and changing climates to providing the much needed crop insurance and tree planting.
One acre fund is commited to developing more resilient and sustainable food systems for farmers and the climate alike.
They believe that investing in small holder farmers is a real investment in our planet.

Do you agree?

If you answered in the affirmative then it is time to join the one acre fund.
Lorna a small scale farmer has experienced the impact of climate change first hand.
In 2019 when unexpected drought gave way to heavy rains she was at risk of loosing her crops like many other small holder farmes.


Luckily she was enrolled with one acre fund and was an active member and her dedicated field officer encouraged her to adopt climate smart agriculture techniques, like plan ting trees and conservation agriculture to reduce soil erosion, lose of moisture, minimum tilage and interfereing with the soil structure during tillage.

Climate smart agriculture

The other option was choosing to plant climate appropriate crop varieties.
As a result she was able to protect her harvest and feed her family all while maintiang her already minimal impact on the environment.
We believe that investing in small holder farmers is an investment to the environment.
Cllimate security is food security.