Why it is not a good idea to rotate cabbages and courgettes

Mkulima today many farmers practice crop rotation as one of the ways to ensure their farm’s fertility unlike in the past when huge parcels of land were left unused in order to regain the needed nutrients. Today on the tales of cabbages and other stories we cover why it is not a good idea to rotate cabbages and courgettes.

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rotating cabbages and courgettes 

I had courgettes on my farm is it fine to plant cabbages after removing and harvesting the courgettes or are they of the same family?

Cabbages are in the family of Brassicaceae or commonly referred to as mustered or crucifers while courgettes belong to the Cucurbitaceae.

As a result, you can rotate the two plants with one another.

But as a word of caution and the farm’s future productivity it is not advised since both the plants are heavy feeders.

This is because they consume a lot of the soil nutrients.

When farming considers using legumes like peas and beans to help in fixing the depletion of the nitrogen back to the soil.

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