Mkulima today honey is quickly becoming one of the cash cows for farmers. This comes right on the heals of avocado farming and the struggling poultry industry.

Currently, avocado exports are one of the top earners for the country through foreign exchange and trade.

To boost productivity on your fruit trees you can easily integrate bee farming to help with the pollination of the fruits at no extra cost but with better returns.

Jungle honey limited

This is a leading producer of medicinal honey, Royal Jelly, Bee venom, Beeswax, and Propolis. From jungle honey, you can have access to

  • modern Beehives (Langstroth).
  • bee (colony Divisions).
  • farmers training ( technical supports) and we provide a market for all the bees products.

They are dedicated to working with you to realize the hidden, untapped potentials that is more valuable than Gold.

Jungle Honey Ltd is a social enterprise that has been involved in empowering interested beekeepers for the last seven years through offering training on modern beekeeping.


They also provide

  • Langstroth beehives and other beekeeping equipment,
  • management of the apiaries,
  • provision of the bees,
  • technical support and,
  • marketing of the honey and
  • all bee products(royal jelly, propolis, venom, wax, bee pollen).


The Langstroth beehive

The Langstroth beehive uses a multi-layered structure and removable frames to encourage bees to build their hives.

This helps the bees produce in an orderly fashion and make it easy for beekeepers to harvest honey.

The frames are designed to separate honeycombs as bees attach honeycombs to adjacent frames making it easier for beekeepers to manage the bees and honey collection effortlessly.

Jungle Honey  Ltd has recruited over 3,000 farmers in East Africa.

And has recently launched a new program targeting 4,000 who may not necessarily have time or land for beekeeping but are interested in making money from modern beekeeping.

This is a perfect program for many people who are busy with their work in the cities and have land lying idle in the village.

Also applies to people who are interested in the program but lack land. Jungle Honey Ltd will lease land for them to undertake the enterprise.

Through this program, the interested clients upon investing in beekeeping equipment will have Jungle honey  Ltd managing the apiaries and the entire enterprise for them and buy the honey after the harvest.

For more about the project call 0795828414/ 0112271494 or,

Visit jungle honey website

Follow jungle honey on Facebook @junglehoneys

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