Where to get market for bamboo farming is today’s question. I am a bamboo farmer in Nyeri county with about four acres of mature plants. I am looking for market #AskMKULIMATODAY #letstalkagriculture

Where to get market for bamboo farming is today’s question.

Mkulima today bamboo farming has become a lucrative venture not just as a source of income but also the environment. Bamboo farming is an answer to cleaner water as it saves and purifies water, unlike other trees that consume a lot of water and dry up rivers.

The demand for bamboo is high sometimes surpassing the supply.

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Depending on your location you can sell your bamboo to Bidco Africa you can call the team through 0722278777 or 0733655777.

Bidco uses bamboo in their production in their factories in Thika and Ruiru.

Construction companies are also a good place to start when looking for a market. Bamboo trees can be used in making furniture, pulp boards, utensils. Matchsticks and toothpicks.

Don’t forget to use social media and print media where you can advertise and get potential clients for your trees.

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