The power of numbers in poultry farming by mkulimatoday

Commercial poultry keeping is in no doubt becoming more popular in Kenya. Specifically, Kenyan poultry farmers mainly keep layers or broilers.

Just like other types of business, the goal of commercial poultry keeping is earning some profit by raising healthy chickens.

The power of numbers in poultry farming

However, in the recent past the market for poultry products especially eggs has been very bad.

Some farmers have even claimed that in the past few months the prices of eggs hit an all time low. This is such a major challenge as without profits commercial poultry farmers would not see any point in engaging in this business.

One way of overcoming this challenge is keeping a large number of flocks as discussed below.

To start with, it is worth pointing out that keeping a large number of birds will help you enjoy economies of scale. In poultry economies of scale is a term that is used to refer to the savings that one makes as a result of keeping a large number of birds.

For instance, one farmhand is capable of taking care of 8,000 broiler birds. This means that if you keep let’s say 2, 000 birds, then you will be underutilizing the farmhand yet you will pay him/her the same wages/salary if you were to keep 6,000 birds.

Moreover, keeping a large number of birds will help you survive even when the market is bad. For instance, a farmer who has 4, 000 layers and collects about 3,600 eggs in a day will not be affected the same by bad market prices as a farmer who has under 1,000 layers.

Assuming that each of the farmers gets KES 2 profit from any egg sold, the first famer will make KES 7,200 while the second one will make under KES 2,000.

Suppose the two farmers keep broilers and the first one decides to keep 2,000 while the second one rears 20,000 and each makes a profit of KES 50 per broiler.

The first farmer will make a profit of KES 100, 000 while the second one will pocket a cool one million Kenyan shillings.

The point here is that keeping a large number of birds helps one’s poultry business to survive even when the market of poultry products is not doing very well.

POWER of NUMBERS in poultry is the ideal thing

However, you must note that keeping a large flock without professional advice can result into suffering of great losses.

This means that if you want to enjoy economies of scale then you should be sure to talk to a vet so that he/she can advise you accordingly.

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