Mkulima today as a provider of quality seed to the Kenyan farmer, the agriculture development corporation, ADC is the main seed maize grower in Kenya with the help of the large land area it has in Trans-Nzoia District.

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The basic seed obtained from the Kenya Seed Company and other organizations is multiplied and passed back to Kenya Seed Company for processing.

agriculture development corporation

ADC endeavors to make sure that the seed produced is of the highest quality possible. In facilitating the multiplication of seed, ADC plays the role of availing sufficient quantities and good quality seed to the Kenyan farmer.

All this good has not been a bed of roses with some hired people causing havoc on some land owned by ADC.

Goons raided several farms and demolished houses in the Ndabibi area of Naivasha following a dispute of land.

The area residents are blaming the management of the Agricultural Development Corporation, ADC for all the troubles they are going through.

The residents who include former employees at the government agency have vowed not to move from the farm they claim they were settled in over 10 years ago.

They claim that peasant farmers were being ejected from the farm so that it could be sold to influential individuals at a higher price.

Pastor Jonathan Nkoiboni one of the individuals who have been affected by the ADC decision said the evictions have become an annual event and target one community of those residing on the farm.

He said the community will not allow the new buyer of the land to set foot onto the disputed area. He also asked the president, the government, and area leaders to come to their aid.

Mr. Silverstone Kamamia said he lost property of undetermined value after his house was destroyed. He adds that those most affected in the forceful evictions are former employees of the government agency and that they had invested all their savings and blood in the said land.

Mr. Kamamia said they have raised their concerns to several government agencies that are well informed on what is going on.

An officer at the Agricultural Development Corporation, ADC  office in the region declined to comment on the issues when asked for comment, but instead indicating the agency’s senior management would release a statement on the same.

Source credit; Antony Gitonga

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