By Joseph Mwaka

Mkulima today we are faced with the challenges of covid 19. Here are post covid 19 farming tips. The lockdown that was put in place by the president in and out of major regions in Kenyatta hurt a lot of people in the agriculture value chain.

This is because most produce is delivered during the night and sourced outside of these areas like Nairobi and Mombasa. Here are post covid 19 farming tips.

Here is a guide on how to [plan your farm and maneuver your way after the pandemic is under control.

In the past, no pandemic has ever been out of control for the human efforts and this will not be the first.

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As a result of the pandemic, several people lost their jobs and suffered economic losses. Farming was the only clear option to venture into.

For the huge number of people getting into farming post covid plan your venture in line with market needs. If you are one of them, here is some good advice.

Starting out

While investing in agriculture invest wisely. Plan your production from the start of your venture thinking of your target market.

I have a lot of friends who have joined farming with high expectations. This is common for novice farmers.

Many people get into farming planning on how they will be millionaires in three to six months because they read a story on how some farmer they have never met is winning.

What they don’t consider is the time and effort the farmer put in to get to where they are.

If you don’t plan properly in the end you will suffer losses and wish never to return due to losses incurred either due to poor crop yield or market conditions.

Agriculture is a game that needs a lot of research, sacrifice, learning, and time.

Work on getting farming tips from fellow farmers.

Remember not all experienced farmers are experts in farming but all experts are experienced.

All I can tell you is successful farmers make a lot of losses in two aspects crop yield and market but never talk about it.

The only sure thing to do is minimize losses by planning ahead.

production farming tips

As you develop a plan to invest in agriculture please take note of the following tips.

– Identify a crop/or activity that you can market easily.
– Don’t copy what other people are doing it may not work well on your side since people in life don’t easily talk about the challenges they face
– always inquire about the crops that does best in that particular area or land from the local community
– master the crops graph I mean the time of planting until prices appreciate best
– Don’t get too excited and start spending or injecting a lot of cash in new activities for the fast time.
– Don’t trust your managers with your cash unless your have known them for a long time
– Know the nature of soil your putting your money
– Please avoid most of the motivational ideas acquired from any one since it’s mostly theory agriculture is practicall
– Avoid telling workers that the work they are doing is hard they either quit or or change the prices of work which increases the cost of production
– Avoid monitoring the agricultural activities on phone if you can’t visit the farm then better you don’t do it.

Otherwise, this year has been the most experimental year in agriculture since most people from all walks of life joined farming due to the effects of covid19.

I am sure 30% of people who farmed this year won’t wish to hear about farming in the progressive months.

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