Mineral elements required by layer hens Laying hens require around 4g of calcium per day to get the 2g of calcium that is required for one eggshell. This means that calcium, together with phosphorus and vitamin D are highly important for both the bird’s structural integrity and shell integrity. Read more ImportantContinue Reading

There are small mistakes that many farmers overlook but are very important. Overlooking some of this may lead to a successful venture or a heartbreaking story. With increased demand for land as a resource the outdoor space for gardening is increasingly becoming limited for city dwellers, as well as ruralContinue Reading

Factors considered in site selection and layout of farm structures. A structure used solely for agricultural purposes in which the use is exclusively in connection with the production, harvesting, storage, drying, or raising of agricultural commodities, including the raising of livestock Read more Important info to start chicken farming 7Continue Reading

O-Farms Accelerator Program Closing The Food System Loop in Kenya O-Farms is an African SME accelerator completely focused on circular agribusiness with the goal of making circularity a mainstream approach for improved rural livelihoods and sustainability. Read more Funding and training opportunities for farmers Agribusiness funding rounds as farmers toContinue Reading

Important points to start chicken farming. Dr. Fami Beker (Ethiopian Chicken Sales Manager, Harar and Diredwa) Thoughts from the discussion he had with the Ethiopian Chicken Farming Academy. Read more Why you need chicken nipple drinkers The surge of Newcastle disease in chicken farming in the field Make your ownContinue Reading

SEED.CO VEGETABLES The African Seed Company ED-COSALES OFFICER – Key Accounts & Exports Vegetables JOB ADVERTISEMENT Applications are invited to fill the position of Sales Officer – Key Accounts & Exports, Vegetables to be based in Nairobi but expected to travel extensively throughout other regions Read more Graduate making fishContinue Reading

Call for application vijana na AgriBiz Competition, the agribusiness ideas competition. APPLICATION GUIDELINES This is a national call for applications. Applicants from all the 47 counties are encouraged to apply. The deadline for submission of applications is 31st August, 2022 1.0 Introduction and general overview of the competition The EuropeanContinue Reading