Milk coolers for Nyandarua county in partnership with the ministry of agriculture. Milk coolers play a crucial role in the dairy industry by ensuring that milk is properly stored. These refrigeration units are essential for preserving the quality and freshness of milk, preventing bacterial growth, and extending its shelf life.

One of the key advantages of milk coolers is their ability to rapidly cool freshly harvested milk, reducing the risk of spoilage. As soon as the milk is collected from the dairy farms, it is transferred to the coolers, where it is rapidly cooled to a temperature that inhibits bacterial growth. This quick cooling process helps to maintain the milk’s nutritional value and taste.

Milk coolers also provide a controlled environment for milk storage, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the storage period. This ensures that the milk remains fresh and uncontaminated, minimizing the chances of microbial proliferation and deterioration. Additionally, milk coolers help to prevent the formation of ice crystals, which can negatively impact the milk’s texture and quality

Nyandarua county

In Nyandarua County, a recent initiative has been launched to construct 35 milk coolers, marking a significant step forward in supporting the local dairy industry. These coolers will provide dairy farmers with improved access to proper milk storage facilities, helping to reduce post-harvest losses and enhance the value chain. By investing in milk coolers, the county aims to encourage farmers to produce more milk and ensure its safe storage and transportation.

The introduction of these milk coolers is expected to have far-reaching benefits for both farmers and consumers. Farmers can enjoy increased profitability, as the enhanced milk quality allows for better market prices. Consumers, on the other hand, will have access to fresh and safe milk, contributing to improved food security and nutrition.

40% of food wastage in Kenya is caused by post harvest losses.

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Milk coolers for Nyandarua county

CS Mithika Linturi held a consultative meeting with H.E Governor Dr. Moses Badilisha Kiarie of Nyandarua County The two levels of government are working together in operationalizing the cold storage facilities that MSEA constructed in the county.
To reduce milk loss, 35 coolers will be delivered to the county as per the President’s directive.
They explored additional ways to partner with the county in establishing an agro-processing horticultural plant in Kinangop.

They also discussed the progress of fertilizer distribution in Nyandarua. The CS mentioned that supplies have been dispatched to Nyahururu , Ol Kalou and Kipipiri. He urged NCPB to expedite the process and encouraged farmers to take advantage of this opportunity.


In conclusion, milk coolers are indispensable tools in the dairy industry, and play a vital role in preserving milk quality, reducing spoilage, and ensuring food safety. The investment in constructing 35 milk coolers in Nyandarua County reflects a commitment to fostering a thriving dairy sector and positively impacting the lives of both farmers and consumers.

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