More pain ahead as Pakistan bans sugar export
Pakistan on Monday 9th of May imposed a complete ban on the export of sugar owing to the increase in local demand for the commodity.
The ban is aimed at stabilizing the prices of sugar.

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Pakistan prime minister Mr Shehbaz Sharif in a tweet said “Given the domestic demand, I have ordered a complete ban on the export of sugar. There will be a strict action against smuggling and hoarding. Absolutely zero tolerance for those found neglegent in their duties.”
The prime minister has asked all the departments involved to keep him informed about the implementation of the orders.
Pakistan sugar and confectionary exports to Kenya in the year 2021 was USD 3.46 million according to the USA COMTRADE database on international trade.
Kenya is among the top exporters of sugar from Pakistan coming fourth behind the United States, Afghanistan and Oman.

Pakistan on the other hand buys mainly coffee,tea, industrial supplies and transport equipment from Kenya with food and beverages accounting for 45% of total exports from Kenya to Pakistan.

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