Make your own chicken feed from waste

How to make your own chicken feeds

Mkulima today many farmers suffer losses as a result of high feed costs. Make your own chicken feed. Reduce your production costs and boost profits by the use of the chicken waste you collect to make there own food.

Make your own chicken feed

Take the droppings and put them in a bucket in order to make your own feed and how to make your own chicken feeds that is protein.
For this to work ensure your bucket has small holes underneath it.
Mount the bucket on another one. This will ensure there is the ease of collection and management. 

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Time frame – make your own chicken feed

Remember the holes you make on the bucket is big enough for flies to go through with ease.
Cover it and leave a space the flies can pass through.
The flies will fly into the buckets and lay their eggs.
The laid eggs will hatch and in three days’ time, pupae will collect in the lower bucket.


Just ten kgs of droppings can make you up to 90kg of these pupae. 
Pupae is good for your chicks and your grown birds. This is because is an affordable and reliable source of protein supplement, natural and free. 
Remember to sell all your mature birds that are not in the parent flock to ensure reduced consumption in feeds and operating costs.
This leads to more profits for you and your bottom line.
If you produce more than they can feed on a daily basis, dry in the sun and store for later use. 


The humus produced after the larvae feed on the droppings can be used as manure.
You can either sell to your loving neighbors or apply in your kitchen garden, the best for your plants too.
Nothing goes to waste, be smart, reduce the costs, and enjoy your profits.

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