KTDA is a private company owned by about 600,000 smallholder tea farmers spread across 16 tea growing counties in Kenya. The farmers are shareholders to 54 tea companies that own KTDA (H) and its 8 subsidiary companies.

Some of the 54 tea factory companies have expanded by setting up satellite factories in their neighborhoods to accommodate the extra leaf. The satellite factories are 15, adding up to 69 the total number of tea factories owned by smallholder tea farmers.

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The eight subsidiary companies owned by KTDA (H) add value to the tea value chain. These companies include Chai Trading Company Limited, KTDA (Management Services), Majani Insurance Brokers, Kenya Tea Packers Limited, Greenland Fedha Limited, KTDA Foundation, Tea Machinery and Engineering Company Ltd, KTDA Power Company Limited and KTDA (MS).

After several attepmts at reforming the tea sector in Kenya by the ministry of agriculture all the hard work seams to be paying off.

The KTDA has this year witnessed several battles fought in the tea fields, corridaors or justice, offices and even at cabinet settings.

All these are aimed at ensuring the tea farmer can have a lasting glance at the proverbial greener pasture.

So far so goof farmers all over the tea zones are having a reason to smile as there is a gleamer of hope credited to the ever working tem of CS Peter Munya and CAS Annie Nyagah.

Kenya Tea Development Agency Mangement Services Limited (KTDA-MS) has released 21.57 billion Kenya shillings , this amount being the second payment for farmers for the financial year ended June 30, 2021.

Tea farmers can expect their funds to reflect in their respective bank accounts by the end of this week.

This second payment, popularly known as a bonus, has been released following conclusion of meetings by factory directors from the 54 KTDA managed factories that were held between 20th September and 1st October, 2021  to review the audited 12 month accounts of their factories and declare the second payment rate.

KTDA communication

Commenting on the development, KTDA Holdings Limited chairman, David Ichoho said that sh 600 per 50 kg bag of fertilizer will be reflected in the payment in a bid to pass on the KES 1 billion fertilizer subsidy by the government directly to the farmers.

The chairman further said that the Board and Managemnt are working in ensuring that the farmers get optimal benefit from the tea business, urging farmes to re-invest their net earnings in increasing farm production quality to make their business more sustainable.

He thanked the president for the support and his administration accorded to small holder farmers , adding that the KTDA will continue working with the government and other stakeholders in improving net earnings for the farmers.

The KTDA managed factories are already enjoying higher tea prices at the auction following the introduction of minimum resesrve price. This is expected to translate to higher earnigs next year.

KTDA Contacts

For more information and queries contact

Ndiga kithae nkithae@ktdateas.com

Egadwa Mudoga emudoga@ktdateas.com

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