KTDA a Global Leader in Quality Teas​

KTDA is a private company owned by about 600,000 smallholder tea farmers spread across 16 tea-growing counties in Kenya.

The farmers are shareholders of 54 tea companies that own KTDA (H) and its 8 subsidiary companies.

Some of the 54 tea factory companies have expanded by setting up satellite factories in their neighborhoods to accommodate the extra leaf.

The satellite factories are 15, adding up to 69 the total number of tea factories owned by smallholder tea farmers.

The eight subsidiary companies owned by KTDA (H) add value to the tea value chain. These companies include Chai Trading Company Limited, KTDA (Management Services), Majani Insurance Brokers, Kenya Tea Packers Limited, Greenland Fedha Limited, KTDA Foundation, Tea Machinery, and Engineering Company Ltd, KTDA Power Company Limited, and KTDA (MS).

KTDA holds a medical camp

KTDA holds a medical camp as more than 800 tea farmers and their families have benefited from a medical camp organized by the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Foundation, Iriaini Tea Factory, and Nyeri County’s Department of Health.

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“I am happy KTDA Foundation’s objective is being achieved through this,” said KTDA Board member representative for zone four Mr. Michael Ngatia.

Further, over 150,000 farmers have been trained in financial literacy and business management.

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