Mkulima today agriculture in Kenya is on the rise. In the past, the average age of a Kenyan farmer was 65 years old and was retired. Today we see more youth venture into agriculture and embrace new technologies.Kenya dairy sector the most advanced in Sub Saharan Africa.

The dairy sector in Kenya is one of the leading forces in agribusiness development in the country.

With multinationals like brookside dairy leading the way and other small scale farmers following through.

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Agriculture in Kenya today and the future

Dairy farming

The dairy sub-sector in Kenya is considered the most developed in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the national level, this sector contributes 3.5% of the total GDP.

The current milk output is estimated at 5.2 billion liters per annum.

Out of the annual milk production, 60% is from grade dairy cattle and their crosses while the remaining 40% comes from zebu, camel and goats.

The national dairy herd is estimated at 3.3 million heads majority of which are grade cattle.

Smallholder farmers account for about 2.5 million dairy cows producing over 80% of total national milk output.


Kenya dairy sector the most advanced in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of the total milk produced, about 60% is marketed through traders, cooperatives, hotels, and kiosks.

An estimated 84% of the milk produced is sold in raw form.

It is further estimated that, in the entire milk commodity chain, from producers (farmers) to milk hawkers, nearly one million households and businesses are involved.

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