Internship/ Attachment – (3 Positions Based in Siaya)

Kaleo Smart Farm

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Job vacancy one acre fund government relations specialist

Job vacancy Farm management assistant

Vacancy for an agronomist

Job Summary

We need three Youths internship/ attachment at Kaleo smartfarm.

• Minimum Qualification:

Experience Level:




Experience Length:


Experience/Less than 1 year

Job Description/Requirements

What we do

1. Crop husbandry

PIF banana technology
b) Organic farming
c) Urban farming technics

d) Technical and Knowledge transfer in crop husbandry

What they will do whilst at the internship

1. Gather knowledge around PIF banana propagation method for Mass production of tissue culture banana in Siaya

2. Learn how to prepare organic manure and it’s application on cultivars.these shall be

a) Biochar fertilization making process

b) Vermi-composting making process

c) Urban farming technics

d) Smart farming methods for NUTRITION,

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