An alliance of agro-ecology organizations has launched a policy to protect Africa’s food sovereignty.The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is a broad alliance of different civil society actors that are part of the struggle for food sovereignty and agroecology in Africa.

These include African farmers’ organizations, African NGO networks, specialist African NGOs, consumer movements in Africa, international organizations which support the stance of AFSA, and individuals.

Its members represent smallholder farmers, pastoralists, hunter/gatherers, indigenous peoples; faith-based institutions, and environmentalists from across Africa.  It is a network of networks and currently with 30 active members. See how to become a member?

The Alliance for food sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) which draws its membership from 55 African countries noted that the African Food Policy addresses many challenges the continent faces.

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“We are worried about the erosion of African culture that coincides with the loss of biodiversity, declined air and water quality, degradation of our soils, and displacement of our local and indigenous food systems. What we need are food policies that are consistent with the continent’s situation and which enhance our food sovereignty,” said Million Belay who is AFSA’s general coordinator.

He noted the food policy currently being implemented in the continent is foreign, therefore, does not comprehensively look into the underlying needs of the region.

Chris Macoloo, AFSA board chairman, said the institution visualizes a homegrown food policy that is relevant to the continent’s actual situation and addresses the plight of its people.

Members of the society are drawn from smallholder farming communities, pastoralists, fisher-folk, indigenous people, consumer networks, faith-based institutions, and environmentalists.

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