Important points to start chicken farming.

Dr. Fami Beker (Ethiopian Chicken Sales Manager, Harar and Diredwa) Thoughts from the discussion he had with the Ethiopian Chicken Farming Academy.

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Idea and passion for work

Chicken farming is not a job like others. There has to be an internal desire first. Just because a friend or neighbor is involved in this job does not mean you enter or start. This thinking should be from within that this thing is my job. It’s just as basic as it is. Since chicken is a sensitive business, it is better to have a deep interest first.


Having a plan is the key. Poultry farming should be started with a plan not with permission. This should be based on how much capital I have, how much chicken I can rear, which type of poultry farming I will be successful in. Plan is like a road map. This means he shows his destination. Sales study is very important. They should know where they are selling it and to whom they are selling it.

Choosing a location.

Poultry farming can’t start anywhere we like and want. It should be in a city not far from the city. It is important to select a target that is not far from the market in a way that the customer expects. A chicken arbi needs to choose his place of Arbata carefully.

Home sweet home sweet home
Chicken houses should be of standard. There is a home style suitable for the chickens, consult this expert and build a home. Where and what kind of thing should be supported by professionals.

Smoke her out

There is a lot that goes after a home build, but choosing a quality stove is crucial when looking at the window. We should choose which company’s smoke has quality. There are people who give good sex like Ethio Chicken. It is a must to know how to get them. Specially, he should receive high quality cigarettes. It means that the result of chickens is based on quality.


Their health is important. We will be discussing more on this issue. Need to work on quality. Vaccination and treatment is a must. This should also be 100% supported by professionals. Information and their support should be from professionals.

Record (record of information)

Record (data registration) is a basic thing. If it is not supported by record, our work may not be successful. It is necessary to record information about every activity done in poultry farming, not every three or four days.

There’s so much going on in chicken farming. Basically these points are important and should not be overlooked. To be successful in poultry farming.


By Dr. Aaron Alemayehu and Dr. Salahadin Ali. Ethiopian chicken farming academy and Blue Vet