In hydroponic farming, a pest is any organism that due to its presence, feeding or defecation significantly interferes with the productivity of crops in the field by either lowering the quality or negatively affects the potential yield of the crops. Here is how to make pesticide for your farm at home.

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Make pesticide

Conventionally, farmers use synthetic pesticides to manage pests which could be effective at keeping pests away but also come with much unanticipated negative side effects.

Synthetic pesticides are relatively expensive and cause more harm than good to the environment.

They also kill beneficial organisms in the ecosystem.

The overdependence on synthetic chemical pesticides due to their probable rapid knockdown effect kills natural predators, therefore, reducing the ability of the ecosystem to naturally manage pests.

Starting out

This is how to get your hands dirty to manufacture your own biopesticides with your household items at home.


5pcs mature garlic bulbs

5pcs hot pepper

50mls molasses

2.5mls liquid utensils washing detergents

2.5mls cooking oil

Procedure for how to make pesticide

  • Peel off the outer leaves of the garlic cloves
  • Gradually crush the garlic cloves into a paste using motor and pestle
  • Add small pieces of the chopped hot pepper and keep crushing
  • Measure 50mls of molasses and add 250mls of water and dilute in a different container
  • After mixing add the mixture or paste of crushed garlic and hot pepper into the container and mix thoroughly.
  • Add 250mls of water, mix and cover then let it sit for a period of 25 minutes to extract the active ingredients from the mixture of pepper and garlic.
  • Measure another 250mls of water and add 2.5mls of liquid soap mix thoroughly and add it to the first solution you made in the bucket and keep stirring.
  • Measure another 250mls of water and add 2.5mls of cooking oil, mix a little, and add to the other solution.
  • Add 4 liters of water to make a 5 liter of spray solution and stir thoroughly.
  • Let the solution sit for 5 minutes then sieve it and pack the product ready for use and keep pests at bay.

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