Mkulima today the largest farming organization in Kenya the ministry of agriculture has changed tune on how to support farmers. The ministry through the leadership of CAS Annie Nyaga has launched a 1 million kitchen garden project. How to set up a tire kitchen garden

Under the new leadership, the ministry is reviving stalled projects like 4K clubs in schools to boost learning and productivity, the sugarcane industry reforms, and tea reforms.

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Starting out

CAS Annie Nyaga communicated that she will be sharing agribusiness tips kindly follow her for the updates.

Today’s farming tips and tutorial shall be on how to make a tyre garden. This type of garden is ideal for shallow-rooted crops and easy to set up.

The kit needed for tire gardens is

  • old tires
  • manure,
  • knife,
  • seedlings
  • water. and
  • soil.

Tyre gardens can be designed in different shapes and sizes according to your creativity.

As a result of these advantages, it can be functional as well as aesthetic. Through the use of old tyres, you will be supporting the fight against global warming and a better environment.


Establish an ideal site for construction the site selected should be flat and even.

The desired location should be well-lit with access to the sun.

  • Cut the top side of the tyre while it’s laying flat,
  • Paint the tyre for aesthetic use in landscaping,
  • Cut a polythene sheet and put it at the bottom of tyre especially if planting in a veranda.
  • Pour soil and manure (mixed in 1:1 ratio) in the tyre,
  • Water the soil then plant the seedlings.

The tyre garden is ideal for planting vegetables and strawberries.

It’s advisable to use double tyres for planting deep-rooted crops such as arrowroots and cassava.

Story tyre gardens require a number of tyres and a strong platform to support them.

The tyres should be well spaced and the heavier tyres at the bottom of the structure for support. I urge everyone to take the initiative and set up kitchen gardens for a healthier future.

Farm demo

How to set up a tire kitchen garden. The public is welcomed to visit the demo garden at the ministry of agriculture headquarter kilimo house.

During your visit, you will learn how to grow and cultivate diverse crops through our displays on different agri-technologies.

At the farm, there is a team of professional staff with diverse and deep knowledge of agriculture who shall guide you through the farm,

During the visit, you will learn more than 12 different agri-technologies such as

  • cone garden,
  • multi-story garden,
  • micro-garden,
  • tyre garden,
  • moist bed garden,
  • wick and
  • a simple drip irrigation garden etc.

I urge everyone to find some time and kindly visit our demo farm which is open for public viewing every Wednesday.

This will help you expand your knowledge and gain skills on diverse kitchen garden technologies for food and nutrition security.

Knowledge is not power but proper utilization of such knowledge lies great power. – CAS Annie Nyaga

Story credits: Annie Nyagah Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture,

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Watch the video How to make tire kitchen garden below