In broiler farming,the level of uniformity basically dictates the final result, poor flock uniformity goes hand in hand with delayed growth, rejects and poor FCR Below are some of the factors affecting uniformity in broilers;

Broiler farming Brooding conditions

Inadequate brooding conditions are usually the first cause of poor uniformity among broilers During the first 10days, the chicks increase their weight by 20% compared to the other days.

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Thats why during the first days you have to give your birds the best services by providing them optimum heat, mixing for them Liptovit and Sangrovit for them.Liptovit contains glucose and vitamins well as sangrovit will prepare the gut for easy digestion,boost appetite, maintain the gut, boost immunity among other functions.

Remember when chicks are struggling during these days they use the small amount of available energy to survive instead of body building

Another point chicks are stimulated by light to eat so don’t deprive them from light.

Broiler farming Ventilation

Poor ventilation affects growth uniformity in such a way that ammonia which builds up from wet litter is well known to lower the feed intake and delay growth in return

Broiler farming Nutrition

After finishing pellets when Farmers start mixing finisher feeds, they look at all sorts of additives to add to their feeds inorder to ensure quick weight gains and sometimes end up disappointed.

But look no further Digest Fast has been proved to be good at ensuring quick weight gains among broilers since it improves on the digestibility of the feeds

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