Mkulima, today we are going to cover hoe to ensure your chicken is healthy. Maintaining gut health using sangrovit WS in poultry farming. This we will achieve by discussing the gut of the chicken and hoe to keep the mkulima birds happy and healthy.

The gut is a pathway to 90% of the diseases that affect the performance of the birds.

As a farmer, the control of disease challenges can help you to realize an increased return on investment in a poultry farm.

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Effects of gut health

When gut health is compromised, digestion and nutrient absorption are affected, which in turn, can have a detrimental effect on feed conversion leading to economic loss and a greater risk to disease.

Maintaining the health of the gut

Maintaining gut health using sangrovit WS in poultry farming is critical for maintaining the growth, health, and welfare of the bird.

You can do away with antibiotics if the gut is well maintained. Remember excess use of antibiotics is not good for the birds since they will develop resistance and the drugs will not be effective.

Always avoid the use of antibiotics on your farm since they can easily be passed to the human body by eating the flesh of the hens.

Steps to gut health

Here are some points to take note of:


Feed changes, raw materials, and physical quality all influence the balance of the gut microbiota.

Give your birds the best feed, which is pathogens free.

Whenever changing from one feed type to another, supplement your birds on sangrovit ws for 7 to 10 days.

Appropriate brooding conditions

The provision of optimal brooding conditions is essential for ensuring optimal gut microbiota development.

Birds receiving appropriate brooding develop a gut that performs well and has a greater capacity to cope with the challenges of the broiler shed.

Early access to feed and water is important.

Sangrovit ws by phytobiotics is a must requirement for brooder for both layer and broiler for optimal growth, reducing early chick mortality, and improving immunity.


If clean-out and disinfection procedures are inappropriate, pathogens will be introduced into the poultry shed.

Exposure to these pathogens will influence gut health and development.

Most of the disease-causing microorganisms to get access to the body through the gut.

Improving gut integrity helps to reduce disease challenges.

Sangrovit ws improves gut health, making the cell junctions tighter to avoid leaky gut syndrome, stop disease entry, and protect the microflora of the intestines.

Risk periods

There are times during poultry production when the bird will be challenged, for example during feed change-overs or vaccination.

During these periods, the gut microbiota can fluctuate and, in some cases, if management is sub-optimal, dysbacteriosis can occur.

Handle such stressful situations with sangrovit ws. Do not compromise. No other supplement will help on this apart from sangrovit ws for 7 to 10 days.

Environmental conditions

Temperature and ventilation. Achieving optimal environmental conditions will promote good gut health.

Birds get stressed if they get a lot of heat from the house roof. Plan a better building to protect the birds against heat.

Birds are affected during the rainy season because water gets contaminated and birds can easily fall sick.

An instant reduction in outside temperatures also affect the birds and leads to stress. This will eventually lead to reduced egg production and more disease challenges.

Sangrovit ws puts a feather in your cap! It fights against all sorts of stress in poultry

Mycotoxins and infections will also impact gut health.
Do not stress with mycotoxins! Sangrovit ws improves gut integrity to stop the entry of mycotoxins, viruses, bacteria, etc from entering through the gut wall.


Sangrovit affects intestinal integrity in different ways:

  • A strong gut wall reduced inflammation,
  • increased microbial length,
  • protection of the macrobiotic,
  • increased secretion of enzymes.
    Being a plant extract, it helps to reduce dependency on antibiotics.

Maintaining the balance of good gut health is a key aspect of ensuring the best bird performance and health.

Management styles, climate, and feed raw materials all affect gut health.

Good bird management practices (brooding, feed, water, biosecurity, and environment) are necessary to maintain gut, and therefore bird health, welfare, and performance.

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Supplement your birds on sangrovit ws in the following ways:

  1. Broilers: give sangrovit ws from day 1 to day 10, resume from day 18 to day 30.
  2. Layers: give sangrovit in the brooder, after vaccinations, after deworming, after changing litter, during any stressful conditions, when birds reduce performance, add sangrovit ws together with antibiotics for faster healing

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