Mkulima today are you struggling with access to funding or in need of a job? Look no further. This is how KCB bank is creating employment for youth in agribusiness.

My guys, today we there is good news especially if you are unemployed or in the job of searching for a job.

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Many youths in Kenya luck job opportunities though many are well educated and graduates.

Even with the high academic qualifications its still an uphill task to get employed on a permanent or contract basis if you don’t have a godfather or luck, unfortunately.

And this has left a whole lot of us on the outside struggling to get employment even when we have the qualifications.

Those of us who are business-oriented and have the resources to start a business but not everyone has this opportunity. So a large number of the youth are left jobless or living hand to mouth.

Niko works

Lemme tell you, this is where KCB’s Niko Works Program comes in.

In partnership with Mastercard and 2jiajiri, this platform is giving mad opportunities for our youth to gain employment in the hydroponic agriculture sector and make a life for ourselves.

Yes, even those who don’t have any prior skills or degrees. Like how cool is that?

So, I would strongly recommend you create some time to visit the KCB bank website and social media for more information.

Before we get started, hydroponic farming is farming that’s done without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent and that’s done in a greenhouse. Are we togeza…

So this is how it works you apply here and if you’re lucky enough to get a scholarship you’ll be well on your way to get training on a range of courses they offer like construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and film.

The best part of this is, once you are done with the tree month training period you are guaranteed a job opportunity.


The training is spread among different colleges each dealing with a specific aspect that is, in constructing the greenhouses, having your produce bought, if you are in agribusiness if you choose film as your interest then, you get to shoot films to create awareness and inspire other youth out there.

Times are hard for several people especially the youth.

The three month training period for the project is free. So kindly get online and find this amazing opportunity, it never gets better than this.

This is an opportunity that can open doors to a much brighter future.

Admin wishes you the best. Till next week 

Over & Out, this is how KCB bank is creating employment for youth in agribusiness apply don’t be left behind.


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