Mkulima today just like in any business selling is the key to make money. If you cant sell there is no need to be in business. This also applies in farming this is how best to sell your produce and earn more from your farm.

Successful farmers use the best selling practices to ensure they get their best prices for their farm produce. Selling challenges are common in businesses. Some challenges are

  • low prices,
  • lack of market,
  • storage and
  • transport.

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Today we talk about how one of the farmers improved their situation.

Sara is a successful farmer but selling has been a challenge. She learnt 4 selling tips from an expert who came to train farmers.

How best to sell your produce and earn more from your farm tips

Tip 1: Setting the best price for her produce.

The best selling price should cover all production costs and have a margin for profit.

Sara learnt that the best price should NOT be too low for her to make losses neither should it be too high to drive away the buyers.

Sara learnt that she determines the prices for her produce. A farmer has control over the prices of her produce and not brokers.

Tip 2: Produce high quality.

Sara learnt that the higher the quality of her produce, the higher she could sell it for in the market. So, Sara harvests at the right time with the right method and stores and transports carefully to keep her produce in good condition.

Tip 3: Value addition.

Sara learnt that she can convert some of her produce into products and sell e.g. Milk can be made into yogurt.

Tip 4: Selling through farmer groups.

Sara learnt that this increases her market opportunities and makes the selling process easier.

It’s advisable to join farmer groups to sell products which are hard to get market for as an individual farmer to avoid exploitation .

Groups also help farmers to save money by sharing the costs of transporting produce to the market which increases their profits.

Good job learning how to sell your farm produce better! Use the skills you have learnt to find a good market for your farm produce.

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