In order to run and operate a cash generating greenhouse Agribusiness.
It is ever imperative to understand few management and control nuggets.

Fumigate the entire greenhouse equipments and planting materials as potting bags, drip tapes, trellising threads, wires etc. before introducing seedlings.

Set standard beds prior to mulching to avoid congestion while allowing enough space for plant establishment and growth.

Provide and monitor insect proof nets for ventilation and shedding of the structure which is very essential.

Always wear personal protective equipment i.e overcoat, gumboots, hand gloves, face shield and chemical proof mask. Endeavor to properly disinfect hands and foot before carrying out any kind of operation e.g. transplanting, spraying, prunning, trellising, irrigation etc.

Rigorously steam soil and/or solarize planting bed to kill and destroy pathogens and their larvae that often compromise soil health before erecting seedlings.

Firmly fix and install tank stand, tank and drip irrigation system with regular flushing and cleaning to avoid sudden clogging of drip tapes, blockage of valve and filter.

Maintain a reliable source and quality of water for irrigation and fertigation to enable plants receive clean and equal amount of water at each drop. Carefully monitor the rate of water/fertilizer flow. Water regularly.

Keep the inner-outer greenhouse doors shut for biosecurity purposes and heavy wind control that may not only uproot roots but also break stems.

Occasionally wash the Polyethylene over head cover with clean water and brush. PE lasts for at least 3.5 years. Failure to clean regularly reduces productive life span.

Check all openings and vents due to tear and wear on the PE and UV net equipment. Seal off and replace. Examine the support structures for weakness and fix immediately.

Draft an appropriate work schedule to ensure timely execution of activities most especially fertilizer application, prunning, weeding and harvesting. All farming activities are time bound. A delay is worth the cost.

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