Mkulima today we are experiencing unprecedented rains so today we cover fodder security and farming. Most of the time we cannot measure how long or how strong the rains will be. With this in mind fodder security and farming is the next way to boost dairy farming.

Global warming is here with us and we all need to adapt to the changing environmental conditions.

Fodder Security by mkulimatoday


Fodder security and farming can only be successful as a result of demand and supply. Fodder is one of the leading sources of animal feeds in the country.

Production of your own feeds is the key.

This will help you in reducing the costs of productivity on your own farm.

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With increased productivity and reduced operating expenses, you earn even a better chance to grow your profits while improving your bottom line.

Today I would like we cover the basics of ensuring you have enough fodder for your animals.

Due to the heavy rains experienced in most parts of the country, fodder is going to be in plenty for the next two months.

Definitely, the rains will not be here with us forever.

A dry season will click in as it has been and due to how our seasons operate.

What are wise farmers doing or planning to do, they are coming up with new ways of preserving fodder so that in case the rains are over, they will be on the safer side.

“It is making hay while the sun shines.” Remember we have been victims of drought before where we have been forced to sell our animals and once bitten twice shy.

Nobody plans to fail, people fail to plan.

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