Fish farming project to benefit one million youth

Mkulima today many citizens both young and old are suffering from the effects of COVID 19. Several people have lost their jobs and many more are struggling.Fish farming project to benefit one million youth.

To help mitigate the effects of the pandemic fish farming project has been launched targeting to help and support one million youth.

Over one million youths from the lake region of western Kenya will benefit from a fish value chain development project.

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This project aims to cushion the youth and beneficiaries from the negative effects of COVID 19. Fish farming project to benefit one million youth.

Fish farming project involves four counties from the lake region of Kakamega, Kisumu, Busia, and Siaya.

The main group being targetted are youths who were mainly affected by COVID and lost their jobs and source of livelihoods.

Dubbed jobless lives matter the fish farming project also seeks to boost on-farm fish farming and help reduce the pressure and overfishing on the lake Victoria.


With the financial muscle of the world bank, the catch is the county governments will have to promote fish farming.

As set out by the world bank the county government will have to harness resources to promote fish farming, establish a fish market, and develop fish value chains.

The goal is to create more jobs for the youth.

According to the project’s secretariat coordinator, Mr. Timothy Odende fish farming has a great potential to improve youths’ lives and keep them away from depression and drugs.

With the project up and running it will boost the economic activity of the region and create even more jobs.

Time frame

The time frame of the project is two years and will be jointly coordinated by the first ladies of the four counties.

Make sure to look out for registration locations as the recruitment will be done from the grassroots up.

This is aimed to ensure each ward per county produces 4000 youth to participate in the project.

It is not only about fish farming but also other industries in the fish farming value chain.

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