Mkulima today we are all going through the effects of covid 19. This is a clear indication of how the world has become a global village and the growing pace of globalization. As a result of this international trade, Kenyan farmers benefit from the fresh produce export market as demand for quality produce grows.

The farmers will benefit from a vast market of the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the global market for fresh produce.

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Fresh produce export

More than 500 farmers in western Kenya will benefit from the export market following in the footsteps of the extension of a partnership between Aldi stores a German-based company and an NGO, farm Africa.

The partnership seeks to support young farmers in the western part of the country and boost resilience to climate change.

Fritz Walleczek, Aldi managing director for corporate responsibility for the United Kingdom and Ireland, said the partnership started over 4 years ago and has helped farmers increase their farm production while developing inks to both local and international markets.

This is a welcomed initiative. One of the main challenges faced by farmers is access to a reliable market for their farm produce once they have harvested.

The two organizations have worked closely to boost farming activities for rural farmers and developing sustainable farming initiatives.

Working together has enabled farmers and stakeholders to align with the United Nations Sustainable development Goals. This plays a huge role in supporting ethical and sustainable international supply chains resulting in consistent and reliable revenue to local farmers.

Aldi stores are always looking for ways to limit impacts on the environment in the coming years and that is one of the main objectives of the initiative they are working on together with farm Africa.

The project involves training farmers by farm Africa the United Kingdom-based nongovernmental organization.

Farmers are trained on good farming practices for quality French beans for export.

In November 2018 green beans harvested by farmers in Kitale were sold in 10 departmental stores owned by Aldi in the United Kingdom.

Farm Africa head of corporate partnerships Penny Ruszczynsk said much of the profit from the sale of the produce from the farmers is used and invested in the improvement of financial security and nutrition.

This new partnership will reach more farmers in Kenya and help us to ensure that farm Africa’s work can have a far-reaching long-term effect.

Credits; Elizabeth Ojina

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