Farm records for effective farm management

Farm records for effective farm management

Mkulima today treating your farm as a business is the sure way to bring the change you desire. Farm records for effective farm management is one of the sure ways to get started. Records go along way to ensure you understand the progress of your farm.

Successful agribusiness farmers keep farm records. Today learning how to keeping records helped Caro grow her business.

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Caro is a farmer who keeps pigs & grows vegetables for sale. Her business grew when she started to follow the activities of her farm by keeping records.

There are many different ways of keeping records. Try and include one on your farm.

Records help you make informed decisions, know if you’re making a profit or loss, and help you get a loan to boost productivity on your farm.

For her crops and pigs, Caro keeps 4 types of records in 4 exercise books.

These are some of the simplest ways of getting started in Farm records for effective farm management.

She Keeps records on

1. Farm activities

2. Expenses

3. Production and

4. Sales.

In book 1 she records activities. Here she writes dates & activities like weeding, spraying or vaccinations.

The other 3 books are for recording money spent on

  • inputs and labour,
  • money earned from sales & production records from each harvest.

Records help Caro control her money. She uses them to budget for next season, set prices and to see how she can reduce her costs.
Caro uses her records to know when she has a lot or a little money and to save when she has a lot to avoid running out of money.

Last season Caro made a profit of 30,000/-. She plans to buy an irrigation system costing 50,000/- to increase her vegetable harvest.

A local bank used her production and sales records to give her a loan of 20,000/- to buy the irrigation system.

Be like Caro; Control your money and success by keeping good records. You don’t need to make a lot of money to start.

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