The National Cereals and produce Board is the largest organization funded by the government of Kenya through the ministry of agriculture to ensure a sufficient supply of food in the country.

Maize is one most the most consumed products in the country and luck of the commodity or increase in prices normally spells doom to many families.

The country is staring at an acute food shortage after it emerged that maize reserve stores at the NCPB are empty.

This calls for the attention of the NCPB in collaboration with the National Assembly agriculture committee to urgently come up with interventions that will help in averting a food crisis, which has put the lives of many in danger, especially in the north eastern regions of Kenya.

This comes after the declaration of drought as a national disaster in such areas by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to NCPB’s proposed budget, the board needs 10.4 billion shillings to purchase¬† 2.8 million bags of local white maize at 2,700 shillings per bag.

50,000 bags of beans of green grams at 8,100 shillings per bag, 30, 000 bags of green grams at 9000 shillings per bag and 100, 000 bags of rice at 6,000 shillings per bag alongside other foodstuffs.

The NCPB should also ensure effective use of these funds upon allocation to avoid theft as there have been a lot of concerns on how the board has been spending funds.

Credits ken Austin