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Extension of closure of the avocado season in Kenya. The agriculture and food authority AFA through the horticultural crops directorate, HCD regulates the horticulture sub-sector through enforcement of rules and regulations to ensure quality products and marketing.

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Harvesting and export of immature avocados have negatively impacted the image of Kenyan avocadoes in the international market in addition to interfering with the cropping cycle of trees thereby reducing projected volumes in subsequent harvests.

The directorate has been closely monitoring harvest trends, patterns and undertaking surveys to authenticate the maturity indices of the avocado fruit in the major production zones. The recent survey indicated that the main season crop is still immature.

Following a meeting between the industry association CEOs and the horticultural crops directorate, HCD held on 18th January 2022 it was resolved as follows.

  • the harvesting of Hass and Fuerte avocados varieties export remains suspended until further notice.
  • export of jumbo avocados variety will continue by air but limited to a maximum size code 20 (184g)
  • Exporters using marketing agencies without valid registration permits shall have their licenses revoked.
  • exporters or their agents transporting avocado without appropriate packaging and on open pick-ups, probox or canters contrary to the crop (horticultural crops) regulations 2020 shall be penalized.

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