Drying tomatoes for value addition. In this coming year you can grow your earnings by doing value addition. Value addition 2023 project.

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8 mistakes to avoid in tomato farming in Kenya

10 things to consider in tomatoes farming

Drying Tomatoes to make Tomato Powder.

The whole of 2022 and past years Farmers have been making losses in tomatoes farming due to supply exceeding demand.

High quantities of fruits rots in the farm or markets, this is because farmers don’t know how to preserve or add value to their tomatoes. Farmers lose more than half of total tomatoes produced.

Blossom end rot on tomatoes 101

Make Tomato Powder is an idea we need to embrace in 2023,With drying tomatoes & making tomato powder it will avoid waste and make good use of excess tomatoes reducing post harvest losses.This will also help in times of low supply,consumers will consume dried canned tomatoes.


Excess and surplus fresh tomatoes should be transformed into preservable powder, to be sold off season.

With Tomato powder Consumers only add the powder when cooking. No artificial colourings, additives or preservatives. Tomato powder can last more than a year in storage.

How to prune tomatoes

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