Farming is a lucrative agribusiness when all aspects are done properly. Irrigation is an important way of supplying water to plants and livestock.

As a small-scale farmer, you are looking for irrigation options that are cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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With a wide range of irrigation options available, sometimes it can be pretty challenging to choose an ideal method for your farm.

Drip irrigation is an efficient water and nutrient delivery system that can water a wide range of crops.
It delivers water and nutrients directly into the root zone of different plants in the right amounts.

Since it uses less water, drip irrigation can be the best option for small-scale farmers, especially in areas where water is scarce.
For drip irrigation.
When using drip irrigation system, some emitters use a high-pressure system and others operate at low pressure.

The type of soil determines the depth of your drip tape and the distance between emitters. You should also determine the length of the irrigation.

For example, in sandy soils, you can choose to irrigate more frequently and less often. In heavier soils,you should limit the duration of watering.

Mazero agrifood,are committed to giving farmers the best when it comes to irrigation system.
Drip systems allow for significant water delivery variations. Drip irrigation can deliver only a minuscule amount of water to a given area and then stop.

This allows for the drying of sensitive crops, such as strawberries and the watering of other crops.

Besides, they are also effective on high-value crops like citrus fruits. Due to the flexibility of drip lines, the system can be used in areas with uneven topography and oddly-shaped fields and landscapes.

They can be customized to the design that you want.
The amount of irrigation water applied varies depending on the crop,soil conditions, and water availability.

For instance,vegetables such as cabbage and spinach have higher water requirements than crops such as cowpeas and cereals.

When buying a drip irrigation system, you need to focus on quality and durability. Mazero Agrifood provides the best irrigation systems and has an experienced team of professionals to help you with the installation process. Contact us on 0729777711.