Mkulima today the export of avocados has gradually grown in the past few years. The avocado society of Kenya is one of the leading and most important support structures of the avocado trade in Kenya. This effort ensures Kenya exports high-quality fruits to the international market.

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This rapid growth has made Kenya one of the leading exporters of avocado in the African continent. As a result of this success story we ask do you know about the avocado society of Kenya commonly referred to as ASOK.

The avocado society of Kenya is one of the leading and most important support structures of the avocado trade in Kenya. This effort ensures Kenya exports high-quality fruits to the international market.

Some of the other key players in the industry including but not limited to the ministry of agriculture livestock and fisheries, KEPHIS, KAKUZI LTD among others.

The ASOK society is a registered association for avocado growers commonly known as avocado farmer’s exporters and other members in the value chain. ASOK is registered by the registrar of societies (cap 108)

The goal of ASOK as a society is to promote the efficiency of production and organized marketing of the fruits towards the long-term profitability of the avocado value chain in Kenya.

The avocado society of Kenya just like other great organizations has a well set out plan, mission, and vision.


To take the lead role towards a sustainable and profitable avocado agribusiness


To work in partnership with public and private stakeholders, provide innovative services that influence the transformation of agriculture, empower members and specifically smallholders to sustainably increase productivity in response to the market demand for improved livelihoods.

How the society works

The avocado society of Kenya assists you and I as their farmers to achieve your highest crop production potential in both quality and quantity.

ASOK will link you to exporters and ethical buyers both locally and globally giving you access to international markets. The society also offers training services to its members I must warn you the pieces of training are very important but relatively costly for youth who are just starting out but favorable for established individuals. A single training can cost up to Kenya shillings 10,000 per person for one day.

Some of their training will cover the transportation costs and even meals during the training and is covered by the payment you make for the training and certification awarded for the training conducted.

The society covers training that covers production, marketing, and how to export to the international market. You will be trained on the best agricultural practices as well as help you set systems that are compliant with both the local and international markets.

This ensures reliable guaranteed markets both local and abroad for your farm produce or avocados.


ASOK will walk with you on the establishment of orchards by ensuring that the nurseries produce certified true to the disease-free seedling resulting in high-quality harvest from your farms.

As a member of the avocado society, you will have access to extension services including credible input suppliers as well as services from other credible sources.

All this is to help you harvest quality fruits for the market. This leads to a constant supply of quality products both for the local and global markets that are making Kenya the leading exporters of green gold.

The society also ensures its members receive high-quality farm inputs and machinery directly from the manufactures both local and from the global market. Added to this are also ways in which you can have access to business networks.

As a membership-only organization, the ASOK society works on behalf of its members to lobby the government and other stakeholders on issues affecting the avocado value chains.

The society also participates in and organizes events that cover local, continental and global reach. Some of these events include county farmers field day and exhibit at global stage among other events in the avocados value chain.

It is also an active member of the world avocado congress committee, WACC, and a core share membership with major avocado-producing countries.

ASOK participates in policies affecting avocados and has started promoting avocados from Kenya aggressively using the tagline “avocados from Kenya, delicious naturally” at the international markets as a mark of product quality and reassurance of ethical standards of business practices with an authentic Kenya avocados heritage.

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