China fish imports hit Sh2bn, controls 83pc of market

The value of fah imported from China grew by 25 per cent to hit a histor high of Sh2 billion last year amid rising disquiet from local traders who have been edged out the market by the cheaper supplies.

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Data from the State Department of Fisheries shows that Kenya shipped in 14.5 million kilogrammes of the delicacy from China last year, valued at Sh2 billion shillings this is, up from Sh1.5 billion in the previous period.

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This has increased China’s market share from 70 per cent in 2020 to 83 per cent, as the Aslan nation squeezed out South Korea, Thailand, Tanzania and Uganda from top source markets in the fight for the Kenyan coranmer.
China, which is all ready Kenya’s biggest source of imports for household goods and electronics, is racing to bag and a larger share of food exports into the continent in cluding rice and manufactured edible products

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In total Kenya imported fish worth Sh247 billion last year from the 19 sampled countries, a 10 percent jump from Sh2.2 billion in 2020, to bridge the growing deficit due to dwindling stocks from major domestic sources such as Lake Victoria. Other source markets were Norway (Sh96 million). Tanzania (Sh92 million), India (Sh78 millionl and Uganda (3h57 milllion

Credits Gerald Andae