Closing of avocado harvesting season in Kenya agriculture and food authority

Closing of avocado harvesting season in Kenya agriculture and food authority. The Directorate regulates the Horticulture Industry through licensing and enforcement of standards and regulations to ensure quality products are produced and marketed.

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In order to safeguard the industry, the Directorate undertook a survey to ascertain avocado maturity and projected volumes and found there were insufficient mature fruits in orchards across the country.

Harvesting of the off-season crop is inadequate to warrant shipment by sea and will interfere with the cropping cycle of the trees thereby reducing projected volumes in subsequent harvests.


From the aforementioned, a consultative meeting with avocado industry stakeholders held on 3rd November 2022 resolved that:


The closing of harvesting season for Hass, Fuerte, Pinkerton and Jumbo varieties and shipment by sea for the 2021/2022 season shall be effected on the 15th day of November 2022.


Exports clearance shall only be by air subject to inspection and approval by the Directorate including fruits from East African Community member countries unless transshipment. The notice applies to all exporters of fresh Avocado and Avocado oil.


Given the changes in climatic pattern, review of the notice shall be undertaken early January 2023 and guidance provided.

Mandate of the agriculture and food authority Kenya. Closing of avocado harvesting season in Kenya agriculture and food authority

  • Administer the Crops Act, in accordance with the provisions of these Acts;
  • Promote best practices and regulate the production, processing, marketing;
  • grading, storage, collection, transportation, and warehousing of agricultural products;
  • excluding livestock products as may be provided for under the Crops Act;
  • Collect and collate data, maintain a database on agricultural products excluding livestock products, documenting and monitoring agriculture through registration of players as provided for in the Crops Ac;
  • Be responsible for determining the research priorities in agriculture and to advise generally on research thereof;
  • Advise the national government and the county governments on agriculture levies for purposes of planning, enhancing harmony and equity in the sector;
  • Carry out such other functions as may be assigned to it by this Act, the Crops Act;
  • and any written law while respecting the roles of the two levels of the Government.

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