Why you need chicken nipple drinkers. Today one of the major causes of losses in poultry farming is infections and diseases. Birds can be very profitable while at the same time can be very risky because of how easy they can get infected.

To ensure the best production and earnings for your farm practice a strict regiment of biosecurity. Avoid unnecessary movement of both humans and vehicles n the poultry house or farm.

Proper biosecurity will ensure the transfer of pathogens from other farms and locations. Poultry infections can easily be carried on clothes , hands and car tires.

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Benefits of using chicken nipple drinkers.

✓ Clean water- Nipples ensure chicken gets plenty, hygiene and freshwater, no contamination hence reducing poultry diseases.

✓ Eases oral medication and vaccination of birds. Vaccines are put directly to water sources or drums this ensures chicken gets them through the water.

✓ Saves water, no spillage, leakages, or cleaning out.

✓ Reduce labor cost- Nipple is fully automated, making watering operations faster without having to carry around buckets, filling buckets, or cleaning them.

✓ Eases management of birds and space within a pen.

✓ Reduce the incidence of rapid wet litters, which can lead to bacteria growth and diseases.

How it works… Water is delivered to nipple drinking pipes from a header tank on top or side of the chicken house. The chicken will peck the nipple and a drop of water released.

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