Once a popular boy’s hobby and pass time while tending livestock, fishing has become Francis Njuguna’s source of livelihood. Armed with several hooks, fishing rods and strings, his day starts at daybreak, to take advantage of the earthworms swept into the marshy Manguo swamp, on the outskirts of Nyahururu town.Continue Reading

Mineral elements required by layer hens Laying hens require around 4g of calcium per day to get the 2g of calcium that is required for one eggshell. This means that calcium, together with phosphorus and vitamin D are highly important for both the bird’s structural integrity and shell integrity. Read more ImportantContinue Reading

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How to construct a poultry house: Commercial chicken farming requires a high-level of expertise, understanding and commitment to be successful. Whilst it’s important to emphasize the need for excellent flock management at all times, something that comes with experience and aptitude, adopting the correct housing techniques and equipment will setContinue Reading

  Infectious coryza is a well-recognized and commonly encountered upper respiratory tract disease of chickens that is caused by the bacterium Haemophilus paragallinarum  Read more 7 tips for starting out in poultry farming What you need to know about marek’s disease in poultry Pre egg incubation checklist in poultry farming Characteristics:Continue Reading

Very important tips on Goat Farming Business Goat farming business is highly profitable. With some guidance and patience anyone will sure make a living from it  the market for goat is high and will continue to increase yet many young folks are not looking into this direction. Whether you desireContinue Reading

  Artificial insemination techniques The technique of inseminating a cow is a skill requiring adequate knowledge, experience and patience. Improper Al techniques can negate all other efforts to obtain conception. Read more How to time artificial insemination, AI for your cows Read this before starting a dairy farm 7 cowContinue Reading