Mkulima today tomatoes farming is one of the many agricultural ventures that farmers earn their living from. Today we cover one of the challenges in tomatoes farming. Here is blossom end rot on tomatoes 101.
Farming tomatoes will require you to be in close contact with your farm. This is because tomatoes are very sensitive and require close attention in order to harvest quality produce.
Blossom-end rot is most common when the growing season starts out wet and then becomes dry when the fruit is setting.
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Blossom end rot on tomatoes damage first appears when fruits are approximately half their full size.
The water-soaked areas enlarge and turn dark brown and leathery.
Maintain consistent levels of moisture in the soil throughout the growing season.
When the weather is dry, water thoroughly once or twice each week.
Use fertilizers that are low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus.
Apply mulch to help maintain consistent soil moisture. These areas will eventually begin to rot, so the fruit should be picked and discarded.

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