The Vijana na Kilimo project is a joint initiative between BrighterMonday Kenya and GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Government.

The project aims to connect job seekers in Western Kenya with employment opportunities in the agri-food sector while preparing them for placement through soft skills training to help them cope in the work environment.

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Furthermore, this initiative will also help employers in the agriculture sector to find qualified candidates.

Vijana na Kilimo is connecting youth in Western Kenya and other regions in the country to job opportunities that will help them grow and develop their careers.

What is the Vijana na Kilimo Project?

Vijana na Kilimo provides digital access to job opportunities available hence matching job-seekers with employers in the sector.

The project also offers in-person and hybrid/online training in CV writing, interview skills, soft skills and how to successfully hunt for jobs online.

With this training, the targeted youth will be well-equipped to respond to job

vacancies as well as get successful placements across various internship and employment positions in the agricultural industry.

What is the goal of the Vijana na Kilimo project?

This Youth and Agriculture project dubbed ‘Vijana na Kilimo’, acknowledges the significant role played by agriculture in Kenya’s economy and recognizes the huge potential the sector has in providing solutions to youth unemployment.

The project’s principal goal is to improve the livelihoods of Western Kenya youth with an impact projected on youth from other parts of the country as well.

What is the approach to achieving the project goal?

Vijana na Kilimo is targeting the youth and the private sector in five counties: Kisumu, Siaya, Kakamega, Bungoma and Vihiga, with activities expected to have a nationwide impact on the dynamics of the labour market in the agri-food sector, matching talent to existing and emerging opportunities.

The project’s goal will be achieved through services aimed at:

1. Digital access to dignified career prospects in the agri-food industry for 10,000 youth (18-35 years old)

2. Soft skills training and development to enhance youth employability in agriculture, and

3. Matching services for job seekers to businesses, companies and organizations along the agriculture value chain

The project activities will seek to empower the youth through; training such as CV writing, where the youth are helped to create professional resumes that they will go on to use to secure jobs, participate in job seeker fairs providing a networking opportunity to interact with potential employers, and, how to successfully hunt for jobs online among other skills.

The project will leverage the need for youth to acquire the necessary skills in order to improve their

friends acquire the necessary skills in order to improve their employability in the market by offering them training opportunities to upskill them.

What are the benefits of the Vijana na Kilimo Initiative?

The Vijana na Kilimo project comes with numerous benefits for job seekers and employers alike.

Job seekers will benefit from:

Training in CV writing, interview skills, soft skills and how to successfully hunt for jobs online

• The opportunity to be connected with job vacancies in the agricultural sector

• Access to resources that will help them grow their careers e.g. Soft Skills: One of the biggest challenges among youth

• Use of technology to create profiles for job seekers to make them visible digitally to employers in the agri-food industry

Employers will benefit from:

• Access to quality talent, the opportunity to connect with qualified and skilled youth. There is a dire need for employers to find quality talent.

• Networking sessions during the upcoming Job fairs and HR forums

To be part of the Vijana na Kilimo project by BrighterMonday and GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth, register HERE today!

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WRITTEN BY Vanessa Njenga