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mkulimatoday.com supporting farmers
mkulimatoday.com supporting farmers

Dear farmer,

MKULIMATODAY.COM started as an idea by a team of youth dedicated to providing solutions for better farming practices for rural small-scale farmers.

The aim is to boost productivity and access to the market for farm produce.

We have gone through continuous improvements over time.


supporting farmers


forging the future of the farm and food chain

Sell your farm produce, have access to affordable high-quality farm inputs (seeds), and free consultation.

MKULIMATODAY.COM is the ultimate guide for the 21st-century farmer who uses modern technology, and scientific advancement to boost their productivity through sustainable agriculture.

It was started out of a passion for agriculture and as a result of frustration from the lack of information for a beginner farmer.

Our team works 24/7 365 days to ensure you receive
Free consultation
The market for your farm produce
Access to affordable high-quality farm inputs

Join us today to boost the productivity and income for farmers and food security in the motherland.

Having an agribusiness question? Do you know of a successful agribusiness venture or story that you wish to share? I would like to hear from you. Send me the TIP(s) at team@mkulimatoday.com

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