Mkulima today we are facing serious climate change conditions. Many families and farmers nationwide are struggling with food security. Today we cover a farmers guide to farming arrow roots / nduma.

The government is urging the country to venture to other crops such as yams, potatoes, arrowroots, and not only maize and beans.

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A farmers guide to farming arrow roots / nduma. Did you know that Nduma can be grown anywhere as long as your desired location has access to water and essential nutrients.

You don’t need marshy places to cultivate this crop.

You can farm on dry land, dig a big hole, and supply sufficient water, manure and mulch.

Currently, at Saruya farm they are able to harvest 30cm long 10 cm wide with this farming method.


  • To start out in your venture dig a hole 50cm deep and 15 cm wide.
  • Mix compost/farm manure with sawdust at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Place the sucker to touch the bottom of the hole,
  • Each sucker is should be planted in its own hole.
  • Fill with the mixed manure and sawdust.
  • To help reduce water loss mulch with grass or sawdust.
  • Water for at least 6 months after planting.


You can include fertilizer to boost the plants growth.

Add 3 spoons of NPK or DAP fertilizer.

1 month: Add 2 spoons of Urea

2 months: Add 2spoons of CAN.

4 months add a mix of NPK and CAN

6 months: Add 2 spoons of CAN.


You can harvest any time from 6 to 8 months depending on the size of the tuber you want.

8 months is the best maturity period for most Ndumas.

Do not wait past 8 months as most will rot and the rest of the tuber will sprout more suckers.

You can easily intercrop with other crops

This story is credited to Seruya farms and the information is based on the experience of farming nduma.

Credits: Seruya farm

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