Why do many poultry farmers fail in their farming ventures? Well that is a good question so today we cover 8 reasons how to grow your poultry farms

Mkulima today several farmers count losses in poultry farming as a result of not knowing what to do and when and where.

As a result of these today, we wish to share some ways on how not to lose your investments.

8 reasons how to grow your poultry farms

If you can avoid all these then you have a better chance of getting those millions you have been dreaming off. Here are the 8 reasons on how to grow your poultry farms

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a.)Insufficient knowledge

During this age of social media, many farmers are sharing their success stories more easily than their problems and challenges.

Most rush to farming after seeing their neighbors harvests. They don’t take their time to learn about market dynamics and demand and supply curve.

For you to have a successful future in farming ensure you do market research and have all the information at hand.

The one thing I can tell you is that even in farming a mentor is important.

One of the easiest ways to get this done is by ensuring you look for someone who has done what you wish to do and make them your best friend forever.

b)Lack of persistence.

Mkulima farming is not for the faint of heart. During the start of your venture, you are at great risk of losing all your products or animals.

Just like any other venture under the sun farming can result in great losses.

Farmers are known to lose up to half of their chicken flock overnight or tracks of farmland to natural effects like floods or locusts.

Just like in investments make sure you have mechanisms in place o help you reduce your losses.

Most want instant gratification. They want to be millionaires overnight.

They don’t want to face disease challenges or market challenges.

All they want is more and more profits. I am sorry to burst your bubble but farming doesn’t work that way. You’ve to toil and sweat. Nothing comes easily.

The sure way to have a successful farming venture is to have aa long term goal in mind. Whatever happens in between your dream and the farm. Don’t forget why you started and where you wish to be.

c.)The high cost of feeds and poultry equipment.

For several years this has been a problem for many farmers. But at this moment we can’t wait on the government to help us we have to start on our own. Someday when the ministry decides to come in we will be already ahead of the curve.

In Kenya, this has been the farmer’s undoing. There are only 8 reasons on how to grow your poultry farms but that is not the end.

The cost of production has gone over the roof in recent times due to this. I always advise farmers to use creativity and improvise these things e.g buckets in place of drinkers and feeders.

Make sure to use locally available materials in the construction of houses. Where possible also implement the feeds.

d) Lack of market for their goods.

This is demoralizing at the same time heartbreaking.

At the same time, this is the point where many farmers register huge losses.

To avoid this always produce in line with the market demands. Do you market research early on market needs so you can meet the market demands with ease.

Also, plan ahead. This will help you realize when is the best time to harvest.

You should also source for the market early enough when you are still farming and not source after you have harvested.

Imagine toiling for all those months only to meet with imported eggs from Uganda sold at 250kshs.(2.5$)while you expected it at 300kshs(3$)

e)Lack of professionals.

Farmers have to make do with trial and error and also Mr. Google.

As a result of theses, many farmers incur huge losses that can be avoided with ease.

At all times remember that an experienced farmer is not an agriculture extension officer but all agriculture extension officers are experienced.

Make sure to find an extension office when in doubt and don’t only rely on hearsay from farmers’ forums and social media.

Due to this, they are left at limbo not able to fight challenges e.g diseases and they really lose a lot.

We have very few trained professionals in poultry matters in Kenya. The government of Kenya needs to up its game.

f)Disease outbreaks.

A very serious problem due to insufficient knowledge of disease management.

Most farmers don’t follow strict vaccination programs and biosecurity therefore the birds end up dying in large numbers sometimes even the entire flock.

It’s difficult I tell you. It has never been easy

g)Middle-men and brokers.

These are double-edged swords. Some are good while others are outright evil.

With the coming of social media now you can market your own produce from the comfort of your couch.

Ensure to employ the use of social media in order to reduce the losses by middlemen and earn more.

Some can be a farmer’s worst nightmare as they can take the lion’s share of the product due to the knowledge of the market. They promise you heaven and give you hell.

h.)Being misled by other farmers.

Farmers are their own worst enemies.

I don’t deny the fact that most are experienced in poultry farming but others want to outdo one another through dubious means.

To avoid this always counter check any information that you receive.

Shrewd and cunning at best. I once encountered a new farmer who was advised by a fellow farmer to give her pullets sow and weaner meal in order to start laying early.

Kindly talk to your expert to be certain of what to do.

The birds matured but even at 7 months, none had started laying.

Please farmers’ jealousy and envy are bad for business. If you don’t want to consult a professional you will end up with serious losses.

Farming success tips

There is a myriad of reasons which I can’t fully exhaust.

Farmers need to take farming as a profession and quit hopping from one project to another. In order to be successful as a farmer you need to:

1.)Seek advice from professionals.

Experience farmers can be of help but a professional will help you be successful.

The Facebook platform has really helped farmers market their goods and share ideas and challenges but it should be noted that being an experienced farmer doesn’t warrant you to diagnose diseases online.

A vet professional should visit your farm.

2.)Always source for a market before your products are ready e.g meat and eggs.

Middle-men will only harvest where they never sowed.

Plan ahead in order to secure the best and avoid losses.

I can ask you to talk to hotels and have a contract to help with this.

3.)Lower the cost of production

as often as possible by looking for cheaper but quality products.

You can reduce losses by recycling some items that are found around the farm.

Only buy items when it is absolutely necessary.

The main cost for many farmers is feed. Click here to learn how to make your own feed.

4.)Always go for seminars and training

whenever you get the opportunity. This keeps you abreast with technology and newer ways of farming.

Learning new things is the best long-term investment for your farm

Knowledge never expires. A lot of farmers are usually misled by fellow farmers and quacks.

If possible read widely on poultry matters but don’t substitute the knowledge gotten from the internet to that of a professional.

Something you read from the internet can sometimes mislead you. Always verify from professionals.

5.)Source your chicks from credible sources.

For improved kienyeji ensure they are of the F1 generation(first filial generation).

Breeding them up to 3rd generation lowers the quality by resulting in deformities, late maturity, and lowered production.
After all, is said and done the farmer is there to make money and the cost of production should be lower in order to maximize profits.#FOREVERPOULTRY

Credits: Itzhak Camara

Write to us and learn more on 8 reasons on how to grow your poultry farms including feed production and health.

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